アーティストMondo Grosso
作詞Amel Larrieux
作曲大沢伸一, 田中義人
Can you remember when you were just
6 years old
with a trusting heart accepting
everything you're told
anyone bigger must have been right
even if they were wrong
you'd take what was given
you didn't know better
all your little mind could comprehend
was goodness and truth
even when the baddest things were
being done to you
ain't it a shame how you pay
for your innocence
when you take what was given
you didn't know any better'bout

loving, chating, people leaving
dying,living, losing and forgiving
growing, sayin no and, being who you are

What about the time when you became
16 years old
with an unsure heart believing
some of what you're told
wanting to be someone different,
but there's pressure to be the same
so you'd take what was given
you didn't know better
all that you could think about was
what you should or should not do
every single insecurity was magnified for you
and suddenly you began to feel all the contradictions
but you'd tke what was given
you didn't know better'bout

Nou here you are a little older than before
you really been through it and
you might go through some more
but if there's one precious thing you've learned,
it's that you can't just take what is given,
cuz now you know better'bout

Now you, now you, now you know bette


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