作詞Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman
作曲Johnny Mandel
The moonlight warms the silver sand
A sea bird sails a cross a cove
The water's crystal in your hand
The air is cinnamon and clove
The tempo's easy as you please
From every lemon yellow morning thru velvet everying with breezes singing
A song of cinnamon and clove
The air is cinnamon and clove
Seductive cinnamon and clove
So come to my arms
I long for your kiss
The taste of the sea
Salty sweet upon your lips
There's love to be made on night such as this
And time is but sand sifting thru our finger tips
The moon is like a tangerine
A drift upon a sea of lights
A world where nothing comes between
The salty days and sultry nights
Where every slice of life and love
Has just the perfect combination
A cup of sweetness
A pinch of sadness
A touch of cinammon and clove
A touch of cinnamon and clove


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