I Got Money Now

When I was a young buck
I tried to be liked by everyone, everyone
I tried so hard to be funny and nice
I tried so hard to be sugar and spice
I didn't work for me
It got old quickly
But now, I'm not losin' sleep at night
'Cause no one's callin' me on the telephone
To see if I'm at home
'Cause now, I've got everything that I have ever wanted
Or so it seems, yeah so it seems
You don't have to like me anymore
I got money now
I don't care what you say about me anymore
I got money now
When I got a little older
I realized, it's all lies
There is no prize, there is no prize
There is no heartache if you can afford
Everything delivered right to your door
No responsibilities, this life is easy
So now, the girl with everything
How could she complain?
'Cause she's got it made
Yeah she's got it made
I don't need to be tucked in at night, and told that everything is gonna be alright,
it's gonna be alright, 'cause I don't have to fight
I wouldn't trade a dollar for some sense
I wouldn't trade a lifetime for some friends
'Cause I've got everything
And all is what it seems
I worked so hard all of my life
Just to have things I could call mine
So I don't need no love, 'cause I have got enough
So now I don't mind being alone all the time, it's alright
'Cause I got money now, that's what it's all about
And I'm so busy buying things and traveling the world
I don't have time for friends or family, and that's fine with me
Or so it seems


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