SERENDIPITY (english version)

Slow down memories they fade so fast
Under my Christmas tree
All the things that we said
Now they all seem so far

Dreaming oh my heart it still beats for you
All the things that I want to tell you
wherever you are

If I could go back to the time and place ohh
that's impossible
All of my thoughts for you
all of my feelings too
linger but now you're gone

Again I try to tell myself
If I had told you so oh no
Tell you that I love you
I tell you that my love is true
Baby I'm here but now you're gone

When I believe the world's a beautiful place
My love for you it conquers all time and space
Close your eyes now it's a miracle ohh
You were the one that I loved until that day
Time marches on and now that you've gone away
I'll be here, yes I will, waiting for you

So long, fleeting moments I spent with you
Just like the leaves on the tree, gentle snowfall,
oh but now they're gone

I know all the things that I hold dear
never fade away
They will be there even though you're gone


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