Dare To Dream

Small town boy with small town ways
Looking at the sky and saying one of these days
Chance will come and call my name
From that moment on life will never be the same

I'm gonna break through
That's what I dreamed I would do
Just goes to show you

Anything can happen
If you dare to dream
Miracles can happen
When you dare to dream
Nothing is impossible
If you believe
There's not a goal you can't achieve
When you dare to dream

Doubts may come from day to day
But just hold on no matter what they say
I won't look back when time's gone by
And say to myself that I didn't try

Always been a dreamer with my head up in the clouds
But I want more than I'm allowed
If you want to reach the stars it's hard to aim too high
I always hoped that I could fly


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