David -English version-

作詞Akiko Yano, 英語詞:Tom Ota
作曲Akiko Yano
Boundlessly flowing
Out from the city, you are there, solitaire
Endlessly show

Over and over
Reading your lyric poetry, symmetry
Memories float

We are so far away
From you, as yesterday
Of time and place, we pray

Leave it here with us, for all our days
A quiet smile, beneath the shadow haze
Songs of long days, beneath the praise

Those bitter days place
Before your eyes, you had to face, now eraes
There's no disgrace

Much cheers and glories
Much tears and crying, utterly, faithfully
Tell all your stories

O David,
We are so close to you
Like yesterday, we too
Same thoughts and feelings true

Here for you, we wait so patiently
Can you hear the singing melody
All of us, your face we long to see

No inhibitions
Your name I want to call out loud,
With a shout, without a doubt
And, without end, you are my friend



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