Cruel Park

Don't let me out
Don't let me in
Don't let me doubt
Don't let me begin
To take back the promises I couldn't keep
With the faith of a child without a belief
They say don't look back
So I try to be blind to every direction
Home is what we find

We do what we can
To understand

Don't even try
Don't even dare
To say you'll abide
Or that you don't care
About all the others, the turn of events
Torn in the middle or fractured and spent
Remember the images now so obscure
Without you or me they're best left undisturbed

We do what we can
To understand

Is this where I'm supposed to be
Out of touch, far out of reach
I don't even mind how long
It takes all the time to belong

Don't let me stop
Don't let me stare
As if you forgot
As if I should care
About every turn, every word to replace
Assembled as if we could fall into place
I always thought there'd be plent of time
But you only get one shot to be on the line

We do what we can
To understand


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