Doing It To Death

アーティストJames Brown
Ladies and gentlemen, they are seller
acknowledges the one does other world
You are about to witness of age,
Standing in the spotlight own show case
Twelve young men who're givin'you such a tones
at the grant, pass the peace, give me some more,
Ladies and gentlemen, without no doubt,
these are the JBs!

Hit it! How're feeling now? You feei good?
How you feel,fellow?
J!Get down,look at him!
Gonna have a funk good time, gonna have a funk
good time, gonna have afunk good time,
Gonna have a funk good time, take them up,
Gonna take'em higher,alright
Gonna take'em higher,brother,
I wanna everybody in
Have a good time over there,get down,
take'em higher!
Alright, over there

Take him higher, Breat! Breat!

You know what? When I here in blue black suit,
I gonna get higher,yeah,baby,yeah,
Look at him, some kind of blue like this, you know
You know you know I need
Got a guitar, got apick, got a guitar, got glitter,
you know
Brother!You know what? You so dam,
I need get down,Igotta getting in deep,
Need to get in deep,
funky deep,down deep,oh!
Get all down!
Look at that!Do you see over there?
Gotta have a funk good time,gotta have a funk
good time,gotta have a funk good time,
Take them up then, gotta take higher


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