Funky Drummer, Pts.1 & 2

アーティストJames Brown
1,2,3 and go! Too bad to cover,stage,God,its late,
Cut off the lights,call the line
Cut off the lights,call along
Standing no band
Call along
Call along
Bring on juice, bring on juice, bring on juise,
bring on juice!
Make it spot!
Still good, still good, still good
Turn over, turn over, soul for number
Turn over, turn over,Turn over!
Carry in the J, look st that!

Honky tonk women is only I need
I remember, honky-tonk women is that I want

One more time, I wanna give the drummer some
of the funky souls we got,yeah!

You know how to do it solo just keep what you got,
don't turn it lose
Cause it brother,Mother when I can't afford every
body layout the drummers go,
When I can't afford, I want you to come back in

Adapt the horror, send him in the feet,feel so
sweet, send him in shape, good god,about to wake
me to death, Good god!
Send him in shape
I want to flow I wanna about to blow
1,2,3 and get it! Good,Ain't it funky? Ain't it
funky? Ain't it funky?
Funky drummer, funky drummer,funky


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