The door on the hill opened again
There are no dreams here
We spin eternally like a circus troupe on the road
This road is a thorny path
I walk and must bleed
Keep looking straight in front of myself and keep myself steady

Black sea and rotten air
The glaciers melting under the sun
This is the world we were hoping for
This is Utopia
Covet forbidden fruit in the search for more stimulation
The hands on the clock of destruction have begun to turn around

As time passes by
The environment continues to change
We are in crisis, close to the edge
Create and destroy
That's not why we are here and that's not our rightful occupation
Wasn't supposed to be this way
But no one can say such words

The door is already open wide
There is no fantasy
But it's possible that I may, I may still be in time
To serve and protect our planet
This is our true work
Look straight in front of myself
Look atraight on, straight on
I look straight on, straight on
Straight ahead


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