Rain changes everything
Time changes the world
Seasons changes the earth
I wasn't able to change with them
I was just watching the view change in front of me
Couldn't even see tomorrow
Repeating grieving days

Stopped by fear of being hurt
Cried for fear of something lost
But,In fact,we have nothing in the beginning
There's no man born with something in his hands
Don't be afraid
Goodbye to the me who was weak
Make your tomorrow

I don't need a future without hopes and dreams
I don't need tomorrows without meaning
We make the future and tomorrow with our hands
Even if we are powerless

Your hands,your arms, your feet, your eyes, your tears,
what are they for?
War, society and justice
Why need reasons anymore?

Don't want to pray only for happiness
Don't want the words with only gentleness
Don't want no perfection
Don't want eternity
I don't need any kind of answer
Don't need no hesitation
Don't need the me who lived in yesterday
Thank you until now
I'll never forget you
We make the future and tomorrow with our hands
Goodbye to me who was weak
And I say
Goodbye to my yesterday

Goodbye my yesterday


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