Da Frame 2R

アーティストArctic Monkeys
作詞Alex Turner
作曲Arctic Monkeys
007 and Brucey Wayne
Are shitting there 'selves because there's another name coming to claim
what is hit to claim
10%faster with a sturdier frame

He's certainly come into his own,
There's one on his arm in every land that he roams
And two consecutive nights alone
Are a thing of the past as he has recently shown

They said he looks so handsome stood not dancing,
Drawing you in like it's boring to him
Its a war you can't win and the first and the last are two things you'll never
be my darling

Another roll around and another push and shove
Further away from the idea of love,
And his conclusion it must be good,
Oh wouldn't the penny would drop with an incredible thud.
They forgot to kick the tin, he knows where she's going
But don't know where she's been
And as opposed to the 'other thing'
he'll worry about it when it's trouble he's in

They sneered and sniffed and apat at my chat up lines
not to feel like a twat at times is hard
but not for this kid not when they come to you


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