Figure it out

Sight is distorted when a crack, destruction and
restoration are repeated every day
What is humanity?
I can't understand what the order is
I want to stop searching someone's footprint
Before one trip is finished, I want to go for the next trip
Life is such a thing
Don't miss it if the second chance comes
The goddess of the victory doesn't have back hair
There is no time for a judgement which is a justice

Participate in the battle in the weapon of the deception and
the vanity
Find out. Make it clear. Take back meaning of living
Figure it out

Find out truth from the fertile ground
Figure it out

From the underground to the ground
Figure it out

Time after time
I'm losing my mind
I'm here
Please save me
Call my name
Answer me
I can't hear you
I can't hear you
I'm losing my mind

I can't hear you
I can't see you
I can't feel you
I can't take you
I can't give you
I can't sing for you
I can't stay with you

Figure it out


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