After Love (featuring Keri Hilson)

(verse 1)
I remember the first day
That I saw her face
Da feelin I had sorta felt like my birthday
Beautiful I must say
She was my earthquake
Cute face nice shape
She made my earth shake
So I'ma try in keep the faith
Do it like the church say
She the one for me and I don't care what him or her say
Thought I had a home run
But I'm just at the first base
I found out in the long run
Just another heartbreak
So how much can my heart take, you was like air to me
You know I wouldn't leave
I needed you to breath
See life is but a dream
So is love and I believe
If you've ever been in love
You would know what I mean
Yeah, So Lord help me please
I wanna see the light
She keep telling me I'm wrong
But I know I'm right
I'm tryin to ignore her
Cuz I don't wanna fight
I know I make mistakes
But still need you in my life

(Verse 2)
But this is what you need to do pay attention
She know who I'm talking to
And I know you listenin
I think about you all the time
If not every minute
I promise hurtin you was Never my intentions
It's some-thing about your style the way that you present it
Every fantasy I ever had you was in it
I apologize for every time that you might have cried
There'snot enough words to describe how I feel inside
Guardian angel sent from the sky
I always knew you'd make a Beautiful bride
That's why I wish you coulda stayed so much
But I fucked up
And went and betrayed your trust
You know, There's no more
Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Prada, Trips to Nevada
And I admit what you heard is Prolly true
But for outa all these girls the only one I love is you


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