Everything I Love (featuring Nas & Cee-Lo Green)

(Verse 1)
The world at my sneakers
Gold pieces molded with Jesus fea-tures
Give streets the fever from the way I spit the ether
Came on the scene at 19 a gritty fiend for
Money power respect get it by any means a
New Yorker slick talker walk like a brick flipper
Decimal doctor multiply to get richer
I'm a entrepreneur
I'm the heart of the city
I'm a part of the sewers
I'm the honorable Diddy
I taste the dirt in my sweat that's from the Harlem struggle
All in my swagger that's the reason that I got my hustle
I got the highest stature
Miami diamond flasher
I got you caught in the most fliest & stylish rapture
My signature next to Christo-pher Wallace get it honest
My first album due to him
That was my biggest project
Now I'm the illest loner
Walk like the illest soldier
And when I smoke
Only role up with the illest doia
You sit and mill it over
My venom will kill a cobra
It's Harlem USA
I Diddy bop & shop with Oprah

(verse 2)
I'm still a eye blacker
Open handed face to palm smacker
Good scrapper, cash stacker, good wood packer
Tear off the Don P wrappers faster
Platinum Patron splasher
Get Crys spit at ya
I call it rich ignorant laughter
Black American Express card all grey now
It's scratched up
From constant usage
Girl kidnap her pop tags off
Tag popper making mobster music
It's still la Cosa Nostra
Big grosser
Skin cola
Girl when I send for ya
Bring friends won't ya
I'm from the 80's NYC
5 percent culture
Breeze through with that old school blue nile aroma
Wrist glowing, holding
Fly off in the Boeing
Slide off with ya ho and
Spend six figures on her
My persona, Sean John unforgivable cologne a
Copping the biggest diamonds make me sort of bipolar


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