P.Diddy Rock (featuring Timbaland, Shawnna & Twista)

(Verse 1)
I'm tryin to get up in your mind and your body your spirit
And take your soul
With so much cash there'll be no such a thing as - you can't afford
You ain't living in the past, you ain't gotta shake it fast
Maybe-you could take it slow
If you don't understand, you gone be my little plan
Baby - I'm a make you grow
It's so exotic, so erotic, gotta thank God for blessing your body
No co-inc-i-dence, no ironies
We so intimate and can't hide it
Now take it from the left to the back
Baby - and take it to the right
And if you make it through the night
I'm a take you on a flight - to heaven
And everythmg'll be alright
(Whoa)/Youre my ace in hole - I'll be your bass control
The vibrations are so sensational
It's so sensational
The only thing I'm so impatient though
The coupe is major, the roof is suede so
Come on enjoy your fruits of labor
Get low, drop, do the limbo
Come with PD, leave with, Timbo
Now let's go

(Verse 2)
Run through sets, come through sets
Chicks hypnotized by my own two step
I'm way too fresh, so complex
Niggas try to predict what I'm gone do next
Let's - get the party started
Far from a mutha fuckin starvin artist
Got something to prove don't talk it walk it
My niggas out-side on the walkie talkie
Pop that trunk, pass that clutch
Let's get crunk baby don't play dumb
Baby don't say nuttin
It's on me, Louis 13 and that crys on me
Dimes wall to wall in the V.I.P.
But age don't mean a thing, I ain't Chi-ali
I bring em out with no I.D
The broads I bring em out like I'm T.I.P.


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