Wanna Move (featuring Big Boi, Ciara & Scar)

(Verse 1)
Hey forever I'm on the grind
My mind is already made up
Sip-ping the finest wine
Private jets to Jamaica
Everyday that I wake up
I look up at Christ and thank him
Therefore he lifted me up
So I don't see no haters

Well let me get this shit in order
I got something for you
You ever seen a black man walk on water
Nigga talk shit, and I'm a try to ignore ya
Get disrespectful, I'm a have to come for ya
But keep it gangsta wit me now don't go and get ya lawyer
Cause my combo quick and they coming like De La Hoya
Watch ya ass in the streets cause they will come for ya
Chairman on the board won't accept nothing shorter

(Verse 2)

(Verse 3)
Here we go back again making the beat go
Bump bump bump bump bump
Up in ya back so hard
Why do niggas act so hard
I don't give a damn about a broad
I ain't gotta floss in the fast lane
Ride right past lane
I'm in the ATL flying down cascade
Still getting money ain't nothing changed man
Spent a couple mil just to make my Cham blang
Look at the sky I'm a superstar

Need I remind ya'll I started from the bottom
But I'm destined for the top and I ain't stopping till I got em
Call me clumsy for the weight I'm dropping records but they break
And still standing like the fuse on my cannon
Blow away kid

Don't you wanna move
Don't this make you wanna groove
Let the feeling get to you
And let us get you high
On music on music
Come enjoy the ride


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