Hold Up (featuring Angela Hunte)

Tum me up in the headphones
It ain't loud enough
These moth- efuckers think I'ma play with them
I ain't gone play with you (ha, ha, ha)
I need ya'll to sing children (Sing)
I like when the children sing
That let you know something's coming (oh it's coming now)
I like the sound to this
Something's coming

(Verse 1)
You can picture like a photograph
And vision the image
Of 1,2, 5th St. and Lenox
The old folks they souls are cole like Kenneth
Tryna keep your weight up
Better eat that spinach
Before twenty-five
Niggas lives get diminished
The world's filthiest
I'm tryna win a pen-dant
Cops be on patrol through the block every minute
Itching just to pop something
Swearing I'm a menace
They disturb me but it loves like tennis, man
Cap to the side and my jersey is vintage
Chicks a make a nigga dick hard like a Guinness
Damn It's a scam but I handle my busi-ness
Plan to be the man if the Lord be my witness
Do my chin-ups with walk sign for my physical fitness
Sixteen's sicker the alzheims
Flow is ridiculous, hold up

Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up (Chant)

(Verse 2)
Easy now seen
Mind where you patrol
Play your lane like your bowl
When his majesty speaks
Beast defies gravity
Blue tooth nigga but I don't have any cavities
Diddy got it wrapped like cocoons
Pop shit like noodles through cow manure ballons
I urge you to tell a friend warn a brother
About my splurges, merges with Warner Bros.
Thugs acting funny cause chicks call me honey
See a nine figure nigga makings Bugs Bunny money
Eons beyond bling bling
So I chose to get engaged to these sweet sixteen's
"Make a name"
Make a name, let it bang so beautiful
The theme music for crew that move pharamaceuticals, or
Suitable for a recruitable whore
To service the whole crew when we out on tour

Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up (Chant)

(Verse 3)
It's like the music will literally stop time
We roll up twenty deep, cock deez, swole up
Get inflicted by my verbal conviction
Bad Boy but far from the Detroit Pistons
You not focused enough, you not listening
You need to slow down, hold up like kick stand
Cop to it, get on your grind music
Across 110th sharp Caesar wit a line music
Fine tunes with the proper soul seasoning
Ya live shows are boring
Your just not pleasing them, stop teasing them
You can't rock Palladiums
We bring New York back like that west side stadium
Fuck the game and if the fame went away
I'll still be the hardest working man in entertainment today
Learn a lesson in that, no questioning that
No guess work involved
So stop stressing the facts, Hold up


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