Show Me The Money

アーティストPetey Pablo
作詞T.Feemster, M.Barrett,Ⅲ
作曲T.Feemster, M.Barrett,Ⅲ
Definitely the most wicked thing I ever hear in my life

Show off that body you got
You got the dance floor so hot
You workin' that, you turkin' that, you turkin that
Like a fly

Ain't nobody do it like I do it
When I do it dawg I do it
Break it down put you back into it man
Y'all ain't ready for the shit I be doing
Get up, Get up
Put ya drinks down
Don't want ya'll so I spill drinks out
All over that, your chick blouse
Ain't nothing but a swallow and a eddiehouse
still made how you changed the sound to the other one
I had just swapped it out

Kept something in the background,
cause you love the song
But you in love with the background
Come on little mama work it for me
make a playa wanna spend some money
I don't really like spending money
but if you do what you do and do It well I'mma

Hook x 2

She look good and thick
Nothing in em…but her…
No silicon, no Lypo, no botox, no turn tuck
That nasty roll and the day she wore it
Was the memory that brought her in this world
(Good look' mama)
That girl there hot to death make a Athlete lose his breath
And heavy pooh got asthma
Through your little bumps out,
your gonna need a couple skirt keep falling out
For real Hitting three four five on a Rick's scale now
how a number gonna go to 12
Shawty shake it like hell, Ought to be shame of ourselves
Ya'll created couldn't rock the bell that well
Breaking It down riding this beat like Wow .
Pop Jam Man how I gun her down

Hook x 2

This definitely the wickest thing I ever hear in my life
I been spittin' on that patron get up get up get up
I'm ready to give you what you want okay get up get up
Might not feel the same way tomorrow, but I'll deal with that
Girl tonight you got me feelin' like I wanna take you home

Hook x 2


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