This Song

作詞J, Dupri, B. Cox and J. Austin
作曲J, Dupri, B. Cox and J. Austin
I wrote a song
Wanna hear it, hear it go

The perfect melody is in my head
I got a song that's meant for one thing
I got the candles lit l'm rocking my LaPearIa fit and pouring a glass of champagne
So I've been planning the right time for me to tell ya baby but dat its better if l show ya
Forget the radio cause l already wrote

I wrote this song, this song specifically to make love to ya boy
All night long, night long
There'll be no hesitation on my part/ l wrote

This ones for me
Would you mind if we run it back
I lay my head back baby while you handle that
If you give me your best then l promise you baby your next tonight
l don't need to hear Kells or yarvin cause my body was already calling,
forget about DeAngelo
How does it feel boy, l already wrote
A half an hour ain't nothing
I swear that l ain't through cause I'ma keep on loving, keep on loving you cause you
make me feel like A sho nuff woman
That's what you do
And we don't need no quiet storm,
Baby I wrote this song



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