Gangsta Grillz featuring Mike Jones and Killa Kyleon

作詞T.Allen, K. Shelton, S. Graham, L Luckett, M, Jones and K. Riley
作曲Terry 'T.A.'Allen
I like them gangsta grillz
Riding through like did you see those big wheels
Pop the trunk and let me feel, I got chills
Now what you know about balla, shot calla
Now won't you tell me' what it do where l'm from
I'm from Houston, keeping it screwed up
Ain't what ya used to, tippin' on fo fo's
On the north they stay braided up, stay south faded up


I see ya with ya candy paint
Do you got them dollars man
It's all about the heavyweight
Let me hear ya holla man
Houston you know what it do
Let me hear ya holla
Toya just to much for you
Let me hear ya holla

I got a thang for them gangsta's with grillz
Top to bottom like he spending big scrills
So what ya in to
Tell me homie what's da deal
Cause l wanna be your baby driving you crazy
Cause we act a fool where l'm from
Houston Texas keeping it screwed up
And you can bet a thug is what l'm used to
Cause it's all I'm about
Want you to holla out



Running four tires four spinning like a ceiling fan
Seats recline smoking pine with will in my hand
Diamonds shining gangsta gril I look like a hundred grand
Now it's a Texas thing man you wouldn't understand
And we got that country grammar just like the st Lunatics
That's how we be doing it
Cause round here it ain't about the cattle bro
Cause boys sitting fat with stacks taller than the Alamo



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