So Special

作詞T, Bishop, D. Young, T, Savage and L. Luckett
作曲Teddy Bishop for Groove Factor Productions, Inc.
Whoa yea, whoa yea
Whoa oh, whoa oh

There ain't never been al in team
We win 2gether lose 2gether

He loves me
Such an amazin' feelin'
From this real love he's givin'
He's got me so caught up with the
vvay he's lovin' me
& that's how it's suppose to be
Uuh his love is so crazy
All my ladies

All my ladies hear me out
If your mans here point 'em out
Got a good man make it official
All my ladies say
He's so special

My baby let's me run with the boys
Let's me hold the keys to his toys
Whatever he get's I get
I know everyone of his secrets
Every weekend shoppin' sprees
Tryin' on new clothes he waits for me
The kinda guy every woman needs
Uuhh his love is so crazy

All my say
If you got that Mr. Right
If you gotta good man in your life
Let me hear ya say yea
Say yea


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