作詞佐藤美恵子, 大和田晃
作曲佐藤美恵子, 大和田晃
What you are looking for is not here right now
Cross yourself and say the magic words
The sky will not drop what you call'TOMORROW'
If you want it, reach sky-high!
What you are looking for is not here right now
Cross your fingers, say the magic words
The sun will not drop'FUTURE'that you call
If you want to see, reach out for the sky

Follow what you hear
It may have saved you many times
Now you are fallen away

Even if your mum dies of old age
Nothing's to do with me, I don't care, I don't care
Even though you cut off your longstanding undesirable relationship with
her, I don't care
You castle falls down with a crash (I hear nothing)
You lie groaning with pain somehow
(Nothing reaches to no one)

Still you want to come out of degeneration?
If you want to be out of that iddeness
Do not whimper any more, SHUT YOUR MOUTH!
NO MONEY, NO TIME, no matter how hard you work
It won't show the loophole, you won't find a BYWAY!
I have nothing to give you either
But if you follow me, follow me! WHIP! WHIP!


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