作詞Kinya Kamijo
作曲Kinya Kamijo Munemasa Hayashi
When you watch tearjerker at 1:30 PM
Your man will say to you "Stop sponging on me"
But I don't think you're letting life pass you by
If you can feel sort of sad when you see the sun goes down

And we spend many loveless nights
With a strawberry and wine
It is not anything you want

Love your life, yourself, your everything
We're just the same until the end
Love my life, myself, my everything
We're just the same but we still alive

When you rolling home from night club
Your storker will call you "Come on, Let's kiss and make up"
I don't think you're such a know-it-all
We say hello, and we sigh a lot, what a hell is going on


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