STAY WITH ME (English Version)

アーティストparis match
作詞Tai Furusawa Taki
when we be
let me play between the moon and past that we hung
loosen the sail and we stay cruising the way
hazy stream in shallow sleep
mishear the rain reveal the page
can we stay throughout the day?

stay with me, the brightest star
it's pearly white reflects your side
and I can't help whispering

secretly, losing my mind endlessly
took my breath away every moment
with the words you say you made me fall in
so it seems, love was what I ever dreamed
like a flower blooming in a moment
in the shade of secret scenery

when we be
you made me feel the best I've been in my whole life
let it be stayed but time will be passing away

stay with me, my secret thought
the lonely nights tore me apart
and I can't live without you

say it please, "love is what I meant to be"
I'm too scared to take and nestle your hand
how could I pretend to be player, baby?
so it seems love was what I ever dreamed
broken contour line is restoring
in the shade of secret scenery


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