I Believe

作詞須谷尚子/Junya Okabe
BULE Look how so many birds are flying high
"GREEN" Against the wind the grass is growing wind

It shines through me, up above the clouds are clearing away
I guess my heart was always hard and stiff
until this magic moment opens my heart

It may snow, but I feel that it's gone
'cause I know it can only melt away
And I believe, come what may
This is my brand new feeling

"FREE" I've been through so much pain in all my life
"DREAM" I've had so many wishes that won't be mine

You turn to me, and try to fill my heart with hopes
But all I do is just wait to be found
'cause I'm lost, longing for love, crying again

It may hurt, but I feel I can go
Leap the walls that I once put around myself
'cause I believe you are here to help me with my healing

"Reach down for the strings on your shoes, tie them up
That's how you make a brandnew start"
As soon as you start off, you will see, the goal is not so far away

Let's face the south; the winds are blowing over my way.
Just like the day we met, the time goes 'round
until this whirlin' season comes back to me

Maybe far, but I know you are there
Look ahead, 'cause I'm on my way to you
Time after time, round and round, seasons may repeat

Two of us will remain together
'cause I know our hearts will be the same
So I believe, after all
This is my same old feeling



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