Rockabilly Violence

Walking down the street I searched what I want
Too much dust as far as I could see.
Nothing wanted here, Nobody help me,
Lose my shoes, lose my soul, lose my kid Lose my baby.

You know your galaxy. Every body said Rockabilly Violence

Laying in my room, I'm watching the television
nonsense program was telecasting too long
Next door's lovers voice, laughing indecent
caster telling in no feelings, Trouble, Crime
for you baby

You feel your Extercy Everybody can be Rockabilly Violence

Let's go out side. Without pose as you
inside you indoors to killy your time.
You think of your future. You think in your head.
What do you wanna, What do you get, What do you do Now!!

Morning in the bed my love is too cold dead
It's not true nightmare. I call her
She tell languidly, somebody voice here
Rember past Swindle or real.
I feel uneasy to no furture.

You know your galaxy. Everybody said Rockabilly Violence
You feel your extercy, Everybody can be Rockabilly Violence

Make your feel, kill your hell, Everybody said
Rockabilly Violence


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