One moment

作詞Maynard Plant, Blaise Plant
作曲Maynard Plant, Blaise Plant
Take me away for a moment
Take me away if you don't mind
We could just dance in the moonlight
Until the morning shines

Remember the times we were singing
Remember the knock on the door
We were so loud getting busy
But that was all before

Oh ooh!
Why did ya fake it
Here I go again
Tell me tell me please, you know
I'm begging you for more

Love had never made a difference
Living in a lonely life

Ohh・・・ No one has it worse than me
(But) Ohh・・・ Maybe it's supposed to be

loving never made a difference
so much as an essence
that u and i never had a chance to go the distance
let's not be too hard on ourselves
it's only been like 24 hrs but seems like we've been going for miles
you know i love it and you love it too and every minute that we're together
is telling me that i can only be true this isn't the first time I've had a little fling
so take off your clothes cause I'll know that you're the real thing


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