Cremation (feat. PK of Prompts)

Praise me and die

I hear the echo of voices in my head
The word I will not never retain
Cleanse this fxxking world with the blood for the sake of death
Enforce the right to justify your tainted soul
I hear the voices in my head
The voices that I am obsessed
They tell me to do the right thing
I don't know yet
Are you the answer

The sinful swines are hiding the truth behind the smile
Someone is crying with despair and anger

The profanity spreads into the atmosphere
I pull the invisible trigger

Destroy the rotten society
Disturb the function of a brain
Fly to make you die
It's a necessary evil that I deserve

I don't need your hand to erase the bastard
Even though the world left hope for us,
someone has to end this irrational accusations
So I step to change the fxxking rule
Conquer the death rule

All the creation is collapsing without the arm and the blood

I spread death to the world
All is blackout

The cremation is ready for you
Walk with me to hell
You go first

I swear at you
Even if you're fxxked even if you suck
You're lame

Fly to make you die
It's a necessary evil that I deserve
All I wanted is satisfied
After everything is done, I would be gone with your tainted soul,
your tainted soul


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