the beginning

More (More) More (More)
I gotta energy from me is 確信
さあみんなbring it on
It's the beggin'
まるでStandin' now is Martin Luther King
You can make it
We can make it all
だから頭の中の誹謗throw out in the sky man
Ring ma alarm man
Wake up ここからridin'
Hold back and you be
ゆるぎない心持ち 行くぞLet's go

HTZだ 騒ぎな Get crazyにおどりな
HTZだ 手あげな get crazyにかかげな
HTZだ watch me out Get blazin' an' follow me now
HTZだ 騒ぎな We gonna rock
Music makes you lose control
All day long, all night long
Bounce to this 1.2 1.2
Jus' make some noise!!!!!

Ain't no half steppin'
This is how we do baby, we gon make it いきなり highest 任せんかい
沸騰点 easily over the 限界 何回でも try, I'm starvin'
I kickin' the brand new 矢継ぎ早に「明日をこう」よりまず「今をどう」
そこに100パー yaself 賭ける他無い
Touch the untouchable Break the unbreakable
Shake the unshakable Do the impossible
Fight the power 「叶わぬ夢」と逃げてた weak ass さよなら
Jus' lose yourself like Em ベタ踏み keep on rhyme and accel, so
Nobody beats the H.T We rizin 2 da T.O.P


Uh! 宣誓! 我々が口開けば始まりだ
即 spacin' out Ooh Wee! ハバネロより hot な目覚ましだ
No time 4 あくび その目と耳でまざまざ
No you see 1 for the money, 2 for the show
You know what time it is We rock your soul


This is little story of must be told
Ten years ago a friend of mine ask me to playme Hip Hop song
I've gotta nothing but soul so I could not stop
I was makin' dough for it's not a buck
My life is like dribble open ya window 働く金、土
You blow 今日から tomorrow Just hit it

Whut up ×4 People まだまだまだ (Party)
ここから はじまる (Yeah Yeah) We gotta go (everybody)
Mama miya Shakin' ya body
だから follow me now mila (Party)
We gotta bounce Goody goody (OK)
今から (Let's get started)



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