I'm Crazy For You

I can't sleep in such a case,
I think world so I can rest
Sometime sick be due to you
I know my imitation well!!

Destroy! Cry with pain!
To that extent
I'm crazy for you
That's lie! All event are lie!
No war I shout
I'm crazy for you

Really really I'm crazy for you

Please send a love
My head is making noise Shakin' head
Infinity of shame
No presidents world
I wanna make check it up story
Be quiet!

You may come to meet me
Then I confusion but I'm cool
It's pretend but I stand up
Oh my God run away help me help me!
Your heart & my hate are docking so sorry
Help me you're heart & my hate
Looking for lady
I'm sure to success get you fallin' love

Crazy summer girl
Crazy summer of sun
Crazy summer beach
And only one


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