Piano (English version)

作詞Kanna S. McFaddin
It was so long ago maybe I was Seven or Eight
It was my piano I really think that it was fate

When I first touched the keys I knew that it was meant to be
It was my piano that opened up my window you see
Every note, every tune made magic and it felt so fine
Every touch, made me see the light sending shivers right through my spine
Facing my piano brings me back sweet memories

Here I am sitting down after all the years gone by
And I'm still that same ole kid and nothing really changes inside
Simple things in my life it's very special to me
When I close my eyes and think of you
You'll always let me know what to do
Facing my piano brings me back sweet memories

You gave me melody
You taught me sympathy
You always made me see
I'll always keep on playing my piano, my piano


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