MY EVERYTHING (English Version)

アーティストCrystal Kay
作詞Crystal Kay Ashley Ingram
作曲Ashley Ingram Crystal Kay
Oh I just want you to know
How much you mean to me
I'm so thankful to have you in my life

Let's take the time to see
How much we're dastined to be
Forever and always I'll be
By your side

Babe its time that you know
My heart will never grow cold
With your love I'm alive
With the joy that love brings
Wa can do anything
And everything

Coz you're my everthing
Baby you're my everthing
Coz you're my everthing
I need you here in my life

We got his love chemistry
You and I equal happy
I need you by my side
Coz you make everything alright
No one can love me like you do
Coz I feel it too

You're my river 17m your sea
If lost you just run back to me
Since the day our love began
I knew it would never end
It aint happenin


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