My life has been always too busy
It's like a shuffle beat
Easier to repeat
Can my wrist watch be any louder?
Do you think it chimes with you over time?
Maybe I'm sad
Maybe it's good for you
You can decide whether you leave or not

I created a monster
I'm the one to blame
I'm the one who's failed
And it screams and cry
for help like a fool
I created a monster
Lucky me/And it's in me

I know there is nobody-else but you
to squeeze a lime on me half alive
I want somebody to complete me
Before I lose control
Before it eats me whole
Maybe it's late
Maybe you'll help me through
Boy, did I change?
Could I be sweet again?

I let it grow, let it take me over
Don't even know when I was my own
I'm just afraid that my heart would stop beating
As I look back on a breathless day


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