RUNAWAY feat.Jacoby Shaddix

作詞Masato, Jacoby Shaddix
作曲Y.K.C, Masato, Jacoby Shaddix
time and time again
you paint a pretty hell to cover up the damage
lies are like a stain
no matter how you tell them truth is only blackened

you can beg and plead forgiveness
it's a shame we don't believe

run away run away
you don't get another chance
the blood is on your hands
run away run away
you've abused all of our trust
so maybe you should just
run away

you can plead the fifth
hiding in silence hoping everyone's forgotten
too bad you're out of luck
a fallen tyrant and we'll make you pay for your sins

we all have a sickness
we all have a weakness
so lie to yourself and deny your forgiveness
we all have a sickness
we're lost in the darkness
who was there when you were down
take a look, look around
nobody no one it's over now it's over now
you're out I'm out


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