作曲Y.K.C, Masato
never again this is the end
we're not going to lay down like we're broken
we are the strong we will defend
the words of the youth will go unspoken
never again

here inside this sphere
we look for ways to stay hid out of sight
like snipers ready to attack at anytime
we're so alarmed and scared of "enemies"
the only enemy is fear

when all that you hear, when all that you hear
is the sound of a loser bending the truth
the words of the youth, the words of the youth
will ring out in silence

here inside this sphere
they love to watch us fall flat on the floor
they underestimate us all but they don't know
we're coming back with force outnumbering
we'll turn the tables of fear

we're getting louder as our hearts erupt
can you hear it this is where we've had enough
and the future is claimed so
lay down and take the blame for what you've done
we're the fire that will overrun
and we're burning your world down
put the ashes in the ground so


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