spell on me

作詞藤原さくら, Michael Kaneko
Lately nothing has been going my way
What did you do last weekend?
Oh my dear

Inside it's always raining
So tired of all this waiting
You know talk is cheap

Aladdin where is your lamp
I need his help
My hair is messy
Nail polish is coming off

Put a spell on me
Right now just now
Put a spell on me
I'll give you my all

Sing to the mirror
I don't feel like I met you for the first time
It's true
How about you?

Scheherazade please
I wanna hear your pillow talk at midnight
Oh keep me awake

Get me out of here right now
Get me out of here
Let me do what I want now
Let me outta here

I'll sink or swim
Or drown in the dark of night
Oh no I begin to fall so slow

I'm falling' down
Is it too late


It is too late


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