アーティストScott Murphy
作詞Scott Murphy
作曲Scott Murphy
And now I see what a delicate thing
We kept alive by keeping quiet about the problems
As the doubts you shook away just followed

I don't know how we stayed afloat
On a ship loaded with the weight of our betrayals
That capsized when the wind tore through our sails

I've made it through the storms
Into a hurricane--safe in the eye
If finally came and swept me

I feel like I've been tossed aside to swim for shore
And even if I did what would I see?
Would anything be waiting there for me

So I wait
Paddling in circles I accept my fate
The current takes me wherever I go
Learning just to give in to its flow

Now when you realize what you gave up
You're gonna wish that you had tried a little harder
Cause your solo act still needs a partner

But you'll never see that you were wrong
As our collapse dragged on
I'm not gonna listen anymore
I'm throwing myself...


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