Live Till You Die

アーティストScott Murphy
作詞Scott Murphy
作曲Scott Murphy
You wake up every morning thinking that you'll do it all
Arranging all your problems in a line from short to tall
You'll knock 'em down like dominoes―and as they fall
life seems perfect, like nothing else could go wrong

But then a tidal wave will come wash away,
the things you put in place
And won't return, till it's built up, again some other day

So TAKE, TAKE, TAKE the long road
Or RACE AGAINST the clock
end up either way in the same old place
When the lights have all gone off

So WAIT, WAIT, WAIT for something
Or LIVE, LIVE TILL you die
Only get one chance to make it work
But it's the path you travel by

So don't despair, when nothing's there'cause something always comes
Time can go, fast or slow it's where you view it from
just step back, don't hold your breath and realize
Life's not perfect, and learn to deal with surprise


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