Press Play

アーティストScott Murphy
作詞Scott Murphy
作曲Scott Murphy
You struck a chord and found a way
To voice the words I couldn't say
My one regret now is that I never saw you play

But still your records will survive
and I can play them anytime
and through the dark spots, they'll still provide me with some light

Whoa oh, oh, oh
Even if you're gone
Whoa oh, oh, oh
We can sing along

By pressing play, I drift away
The needle finds its way around
And suddenly the troubles of the day
just melt away
And everything can seem alright
even if it's only for the night.

Now when I put your record on
It warps me back into that time
And all those old thoughts and feelings surface from inside

And even as I grow with age
Your words have taken on new shape
Still learn from the songs that first inspired me to play

So many others came along, and I've heard a million songs
But none of them affected me the same
You came around when I was weak, and helped me through
the hardest years
But there was nothing I could do when you had needed
saving too


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