アーティストScott Murphy
作詞Scott Murphy
作曲Scott Murphy
I felt like screaming at the outcome of the test
Why do these things always have to happen to the best
You were scared, and ashamed, so you kept yourself inside
and though I understand it now, I never said goodbye

You were there,
pushing me not to get discouraged and give up my dreams
To keep on writing and the rest would come

But now you're gone, and I'm left here
Trying to finish up the songs you'll never hear
but there's part of you in every one.

Photographs and letters are the only things I've saved
Of a place and time we'll never recreate
Still can't find, the strength to clear
You're old number from my phone
It helps to think that if I called, you might still be at home

Confided secrets that we swore we'd never tell (I'll never tell)
But it's a lot less fun to keep them by myself


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