Fire at Will

アーティストScott Murphy
作詞Scott Murphy
作曲Scott Murphy
As the smoke subsides
And the wreckage comes clear
It's worse than I had thought
So I wait things out here...

Just as you came along
My heart stopped
And I found
I'd forgotten how to start it up again

All the soldiers lined
Now have raised their sites
They've been told not to let you get close
Or they'll shoot to kill

I've been hurt before
So they'll just make sure
No one else can get over the bridge
Or they'll fire at will

When I feel alone start to get the urge to
send the troops back home
but I just can't pull through

If you managed to get inside
It'd be too late to fight
So I have to stop you now while I still can

Wish I thought that this could work
But it would just go sour I'm sure
And so we don't all waste our time
I'll end things now


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