Winter Wasteland

アーティストScott Murphy
作詞Scott Murphy
作曲Scott Murphy
Do you want to take a walk tonight and drink in the city lights
Shattered dreams, they aren't as bad as they seem
Just as long as you don't look back
The Season is the reason, and it's calling me home
I'll write a letter and I'll send it tonight
We won't brave this bitter cold alone

So here we go again
Do you remember when
It used to be so simple

I've gotta get back to where it snows
I've gotta get back to what I know
Something easier than what we've got
When all I've got is here.

Give me one reason why I have to make this place my headstone
After all you can only go so far running from your destination
Don't wanna waste another winter here
With you at the gas I'll close my eyes and we'll go


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