Decoder Ring

アーティストScott Murphy
作詞Scott Murphy
作曲Scott Murphy
There's a fine line between what you call a joke and what's a lie
And it's hard to tell the difference
When you're always jumping back and forth across it all the time
I can't blindly follow with you

And I'm getting tired
Of trying to reason
Through all your lies
and through the games you play
I'm sick of just pretending everything is gonna be ok

I was taken with the way you always spoke as if to say
"This is just our little secret..."
You hid behind a mask, I never asked for you to wear

Need a decoder ring
To make sense of anything
You've ever said to me
Fiction and Fantasy

How could I not have seen it
Right to my face deceived me
I never knew you either way

I'm doing fine,
without believing,
that we'll be alright,
going on this way


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