What If

アーティストScott Murphy
作詞Scott Murphy
作曲Scott Murphy
I'm a bit of a mess
You're a little too neat
You'll just be hitting snooze as I get to sleep
But everything, ends up working out

Looking in it must seem like a train wreck I'm sure
Our strengths, just compliment what the other lacks
I can't imagine if you weren't around
Where I world've ended up now

What if I'd walked, some other way
What if you'd left a little late
Would I still, be sitting next to you today

What if we talked, and I was too shy
To ask you to stay with me awhile
Would I have not known the best thing in my life...
had passed me by

I'm a bit too relaxed
You're a little uptight
You keep me on my toes, I help you unwind
And in time we learn from our mistakes

Feel like all of theses years I'd spent waiting for you
Just kind of getting through, till you came along
But still I wonder if you weren't around
Where I would've ended up now

And without warning life can turn around and
You'll be faced with a now or never opportunity
But in a seconds time,
It could all go by

What if I turned just as you passed
What if it ended at a glance
If I just looked in your eyes would I have known.


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