Did I let you down?
Why can't you say, I think we saw it coming
Was there another way before we fell?
and If the plan we had this time,
drifted away, and took us far to nothing
Why not put the blame on ourselves?

This bumpy road broke down this old car
It's hard to face the fact that this time, we couldn't make it

Because, Because, Because, Because, Because
We're only human, we lost so many roads
Because, Because, Because, Because, Because
you know, we're all human

Lights we love to chase, when we arrive, are different
But to not lose face, we carry on
Even if happiness is not, so far away, I know I'll never get there
holding on to shame within myself

Our tired hearts have made it this far
We step outside and watch one last time, the door closes

I'm not sorry for following a star
I'm not sorry for believing next time, We might make it


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