Allday (feat.Lil Steez)

アーティストYackle, Lil Steez
作詞Lil Steez
作曲Yackle, Lil Steez
Late night focus on the something
That we've never feel
I finally understand it
That moonlight wasn't for the us
Allday crying in the darkness
Allday Trippin with ma fuck bady
Allday Tryna catch your love but I missing
Allday Yeah saying Allday Allday

Tryna catch body 儚い旅
死ぬまでrunning すり減るXanny
walk it like I talk it 踏み込む足
俺cool Standing 奴等はfunny
Don't call dack I get stuck
in your nasty bitch's ass
What is love Nobody can
answer this Qだからかdamn

You wanna feeling me
浮上space ship in my cockpit
I gotta off that bean

messing with your dark
涙がFuck around here
生を 実感 させられる

So I turn ma heart airplane
noise流れ込むin to my brain
作られたrain 着飾るfriend
But I don't give a fuck about what you gotta say
messing with your dark always argue it gets never end

Get the fuck out my head
say it to my Queen
I'm not like Cobain
ERA MCeeen 見下ろすビル


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