In Outside

アーティストDef Tech
作詞Def Tech
Def Tech junky straight up MC
Rep Boogie down town out to NYC
MC Micro in the place to be
Cuz we hip hop da mic and rock your body

E.D.O funky straight up MC
Represent Hawaii out to NYC
I go by Shen MC in the place to be
Cuz we rip up da mic and rock the party

I was born in 1980 spit out poetry
Slaveにbravely叫ぶthis remedy
To enemy to break your thoughts in melody
Correctly鼓膜 心もろdirectly
Angry or あんぐりmomentaryでかんぐり
閉じこもるつもり 自分のまた殻に

Just chill out, chillax, break the act
Be you Inside, be it exact
We came for one thing, to rock your mind
Combinin' the beat with a message divine
Recline the whine, better than that
Rize up to the front, strike, strike with impact
React to our words. We fly with them birds
Takin' it to that level that you ain't never heart

Say word Ei Hey world でかいテーマとは世界平和
Light your fire ともせファイターnext goneratorの出番だ

Ignition, reaction, burin'in up for satisfaction
Your addistion's a dereliction, a non-fiction contradiction
Resolution, woman revolution
Fight against discrimination
Reciprocate, relate, do it today
Accelerate to straight and abdicate the hate

Clap, raise and clap your hands
Stomp, Stomp
Four, Core, Three, Free, Two, True, One, here we go……

Look inside, we're by your side
Your eyes have that vision
Outside is just a lie
Your sight lies here within

Ei YO 目を覚ませ 眠れる獅子よ 今立て
Nothin'to lose and everything to gain
This prejudicial strain is driving me insane

Breath one で飛ばすつば two verseで蹴散らす
わからず わからず屋を必ず
聴かす 三回程潮吹かす
I just don't give a I flow it fast, Niagara
博才 Gero son of a gambler the hustler
Juggler performer, the one and only struggler

All we're sayin' is look inside, don't run and hide from yourself
Taking the meaning from the lesson will stress and help you excel
To lift up out of that hot spot that's dot, rot, clottin' your life
A can't stop, locked, caught, robot who shot and fought in a plot, aight
Better mentor, enter, center, yourself pure
Cuz that's the only painless way you can stay sane and stay sure
You in control of that head whole, filled high with shit like a bowl
You better remember the message sender, one more time come on

Look inside, we're by your side
Your eyes have bad vision
Outside is just a lie
Your sight lies here within

Keep it groovin' keep it, groovin' on…..
Keep it groovin' keep it, keep it, groovin' on…..


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