I'm forced into the deep corner.
Sorry! Sorry!
I want to get high.
But I'm rather happy and I ain't got no guts.
Sorry! Sorry! Ahuaa!

I got to do it, but I am a slacker.
Sorry! Sorry!
Take me higher.
Checkmate away to put it to end.
Sorry! Sorry! Ahuaa!

What is it that you want?
Check what you have,
and now please just tell me what is the one,
the thing you want.
There is no respect for what you possess,
because you just think about so many stuff, don't you?
It is OK. All say, it "part of everyday".
Even I'm that way.
But think about the days always, and things you cherish,
that you care, for 7days.
You gotta be fair.

Self-satisfaction, you've got me wrong there.
Touching, smelling, tasting, looking, hearing.
Even jacking off, jacking off and feeling sorrow.
Five sense, mind can go beyond all.

「全てを失う事でしか 伝わらない事なんだよ…」と
階段の音聴いただけで 誰か解った 幼い頃

全てを失った気がした 全てが過ぎ去って行く現在
全ての情に凍えたまま 術も無く大人になってゆく

Look at the sky, the surmounting sky!
I want to become that sky!
The waiting free in my rear, I thought about going home.

年老いてゆく事は欲を超越! 今は亡き温もりが教える!
既に備わる心身を尊ぶ時目覚める! 人間のデカイ財産!
"Foolish calculation!!" "My stage!" "My space!"
"My fate!" "My life!" "AHAAYHAY!" "My family!"


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