アーティストTommy february6
作詞Tommy february6
I wanna run in sugar rain
I wanna get in gorgeous rainbow
I wanna know! Who is my prince?
If you are here show up in time right away

Where are you, "my hero"?
How are you, "my hero"?
What do you do, "my hero"?
I'm waiting for you!

Where are you, Prince Charming?
I need just one more step
I wanna be a girl in love
I need you boy

Who are you, standing in my way?
Who are you, kicking in my nightmare?
Who are you? I'm gonna kick you out!
I never lose against anything "Oh yeah"

Go away "my shadow"!
Scary "my shadow"!
I'll kill you "my shadow"!
Hey, don't forget!

Hold it, if you move and die
I need just "my hero"
I wanna be a girl in love
I need to fight


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